Great Sunshine Foods is a professional healthy foods supplier delivering simple healthy alternatives to classic foods. Our foods are natural and simple. Without any additives, flavorings or stabilisers.


We are the biggest supplier for the bean pasta, and professional organic foods trader.Our bean products are made from 100% beans, they are organic soybean spaghetti/fettuccine, organic green soybean spaghetti/fettuccine, black bean spaghetti/fettuccine and bean instant noodle etc.


Coarse cereals noodles are made from different coarse cereals. They are 100% soba noodle,100% brown rice noodle,100% corn noodle and 100% black rice noodle etc.

Because our materials are different beans and coarse cereals,so they are gluten free and more healthy compare with conventional pasta.


Our organic Wheat Noodle is expertly crafted in the traditional roll-and-cut manner from freshly milled,organically grown heirloom grain.

We are glad to be here with you all to share our healthy foods.

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